… were today’s worst enemy. Finally, I am at home again from a hectic although productive (hopefully) day. We are hosting the “Summer Camp” event in our new office currently. Yesterday we moved downstairs from our little co-working room, after 3 months working there. Now we have about 150 square meters — yeah! So, currently about 10 students from the University of Liechtenstein joined to work with us during this summer. They are motivated, enthusiastic and skilled. After the introduction of our company, how we work and who we are, they had the chance to select a project they would like to work for. The very first task on their list was sitting together in a group and get briefed.

Sounds easy and achievable, right? Well, it does — but…

there are these hated bottlenecks. Every project manager or current product owner had to brief and kickstart the new team mates. Especially as most of our projects already reached certain KPIs and have prepared roadmaps for the next few weeks, it was difficult to do this at a time. But we did it — now everybody in the office is working to do their best to prepare pitch decks, market analysis or business plans. It feels so energetic in our office already! I like it. But as I helped some of them to get started, I had no time to check my tasks off the list. Hardly any of today’s tasks left the stage in Omnifocus.

Anyway, it is magnificent to see that these beloved little projects now have new members on board, who are willing to spend lots of their time to increase their value (for both customers and investors). I am proud to be part of each team. I look forward to seeing they presentations on Friday. Until then, I have to minimize or eliminate my bottlenecks. First step — let’s check my today’s task list, for the first time today. Sounds like a plan.

But (there is always a but, right?) … before I start I want to share two interesting articles for the nerds. I am a nerd too by the way. At least others call me so.

Smart Boy — a Gameboy without a screen

Well, some maybe thought it is an April Fools’ joke as they read Hyperking’s article about a “Game Boy-compatible device for the iPhone 6 Plus”. As t3n wrote today, they already tweeted a picture of their alpha build in June. I am excited. Hopefully, it works as they say it does. Where is my Game Boy anyway?

Retropie turns your Rasperry Pi into a retro games console

One of my next projects is this one: building a repo games console with my Raspberry Pi 2. I really like the idea being able to play old games on the tv. I have a soft spot for Raspberry Pis, as I am a proud owner of four at the moment. As I would really like to play around with Arduinos, it is possible that this number increases sooner or later.

So, finally it is 21.45 and I haven’t checked my task list yet. Let’s do this tomorrow. Good night bottlenecks, good night readers — at least for today.

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I am a Software Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹. I write about JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS and NodeJS. 📧 Weekly NL Series: https://newsletter.natterstefan.me

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