Every once in a while…

… I meet a friend of mine in different restaurants or cafés in Dornbirn. The aim of each meeting is to share stories, new things we stumbled upon or ideas we want to talk about. We started this monthly ritual three months ago. For about 1.5 years, we used to work together in my old office. At that time, we discussed many things. Why Apple spends so much time developing the next big thing, why the Google innovation mentality is inspiring and which gadgets we would love to buy (there are too many actually). I really enjoyed these chats.

Now we do not work together anymore. I wrote about it last time. But before I left, we talked about monthly “meetings”. At least one day each month, which we use to exchange thoughts. That’s the plan — and we stick to it!

Today we met again and I told him why I started blogging. His feedback and his own ideas to blog about motivated me to do it again. That’s why this blog post is dedicated to him. Thank you, Julian.

So, after this long introduction and reasons why today’s post exists, I want to share one article I found on medium just recently.

How we Slack at FiftyThree

One reason why I really start enjoying medium is the fact that I’ve seen so many inspiring stuff already. Smart people are sharing their thoughts and stories. That’s what blogging is all about I guess. Bill Morein, for example, told readers how they use Slack at FiftyThree. I’ve tried to structure our Slack channels at work many times. And now, for the first time since using Slack, I have a game plan. Thank you Bill!

To be honest, I haven’t read so much today. Writing at least another blog was the only intention. Anyway, here are further things I discovered. Enjoy reading them.

Other interesting stuff

This is it for today. I wanna try Apple Music now. See you soon.

I am a Software Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹. I write about JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS and NodeJS. 📧 Weekly NL Series: https://newsletter.natterstefan.me

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