How to post 360-degree photos to Facebook with Google Street View

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After Facebook’s announcement of the 360-degree image support, I thought I am going to see a lot of them popping up in my newsfeed. The ones created by professionals are not meant by this. They often use expensive equipment to create amazing 360-degree images or videos. I am talking about the mainstream. One and a half months later it looks like people either do not know how to create these images, they do not have the need to create them (yet) or I am just not included in the privacy list. Anyway, after publishing several ones in my newsfeed on Facebook people started asking me how I took those pictures. Today I am going to show you how easy it is to create your first 360-degree photo for Facebook with “Google Street View” for iOS (and Android).

Probably some of you already installed the app on the smartphone to explore famous and other places worldwide. Even some of you may put their goggles on and had their first VR experience (you just need a Google Cardboard). However, did you know that you can not only create Google Street View ready but also 360-degree images for Facebook with the app? I am going to show you how.

But first, you have to download the App.

At first you have to find a proper location to create your picture. By proper, I mean a deserted (optimum situation), open and bright spot. The problem with crowded places, at least from my experience, is the stitching of the several images you are going to take. Google has not solved, how could they, the problem with people moving while you create frame by frame with your smartphone. Additionally, objects like fences, chairs and tables sometimes look weird in the final result. You will notice what I mean when you stumble upon one.

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Open the app and click on Camera (left). Then follow the orange circle (right).

If you have found the perfect spot you want to capture open the app and click on the bottom right (+) sign and choose “Camera”. Now you will see an orange circle on your screen. Move your smartphone up or down to put it in the middle and hold it there until the circle fills up. Now you have to turn around, find every circle and take picture by picture. Once you have completed this step the capture button will turn green with a checkmark and you can click on it.

You’re done! The app will automatically store the result in your camera roll. You do not need to publish it on Google Maps if you do not want to.

Now there’s only one step left. Open your Facebook app and create a new status. In my experience, uploading the image first and then adding a text does not work. You have to click on “Status” and then add the photo afterwards.

You should already see a 360"-tooltip above the photo. If you see that, it worked. Just add a text, change your privacy settings if you need to, and click “Post”. Voilà, you just uploaded your first 360-degree image. How easy was that?

Here is one of my latest posts, I have uploaded on Google Maps but also on Facebook. I am standing in front of the Speedstartstudio office (on the second floor).

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on Google Maps:

If you want to buy a professional camera or one for the mass market you should checkout and their extensive overview of available products.

Show me your 360-degree images in the comments below or share them with me on Twitter (@natterstefan). If you already have a 360-degree camera tell us which one and why you bought it. I am looking forward to seeing some amazing pictures and experiences with existing cameras.

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