How to play #PokémonGo in your country now!

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Yeah — I found a wild Spearow in the bus. #PokémonGo

As soon as I heard that you can now play #PokémonGo I thought: Wow, a childhood dream came true. But the bad news was that I am not able to play in Austria, as of now. At least this is what I was told when I read they are planning a staged rollout. Don’t worry, there is a solution and you can already play. Even if you do not live in Australia or New Zealand.

How to install Pokémon Go on iOS now!

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Pokémon Go — You never know where you gonna find them.

But beware! You are using this trick at your own risk. I am not responsible for any issues of any kind you observe or have before, during or after this tutorial.

First, you have to have an email address that is not associated with an iTunes-/Apple-Account already. Just create a new Gmail account for example or use any other email provider. Then follow the following steps.

1) Open iTunes, click “Account” and click “Sign Out”
2) Navigate to and open iTunes.
3) iTunes should launch and prompt you to switch to the Australian store
4) Next to the Pokemon Go symbol on the left, click “Get”
5) Click “Create New Apple ID”
6) Navigate through the prompts and create a new ID using a VALID email (since you have to confirm it).
7) At the payment step select “None” and use a valid Australian address (use Google Maps for example).
8) Finish the Apple ID creation process and confirm it.
9) Open the App Store on your iPhone and sign out with your existing account. Then log in with the newly created Australian account.
10) Find Pokemon Go in the App Store and download the Game!
11) HAVE FUN :)

How to install Pokémon on Android now!

- Gamespilot (German): So klappt der Download (

Have fun and we see us soon in one of the Arenas!

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