I hid the battery percentage and it made my life better

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Two weeks ago I read Juan Buis’ article on TNW about turning off the phone’s battery and how it influenced his personal life. I was not actually a believer and thought this minor tweak cannot change anything. But today I am going to admit that I was wrong.

Today I can say one thing for sure if you turn off the battery percentage of your smartphone (or smartwatch) you have one less thing to worry about. It is a simple trick to help you reduce stress and focus on other more important things in your life.

As soon as you disable the setting it feels like something is wrong, Juan wrote. I agree with him, it felt like I gave up a drug like addicts do. You know that feeling I imagine. As soon as you pick up your phone you start looking at the top-right of your phone. How much battery do you have left? 80%? 60%? Or are you already running out of power and reach the 20%-low? You are kinda worried all the time — at least if you use your smartphone like I do.

Already a few days after turning off the battery percentage, I felt I was freed from worrying about the percentage. At the end you realize it does not matter if you have 80% or 33%, but only if your phone has enough charge or not. You will get a notification if you have 20% of 10% battery left anyway. Just make sure you have a battery pack with you.

If you hide the battery percentage you still get useful feedback if you must charge the phone or not. But not much more, no additional information, no counter, nothing to worry about that much. Just a plain simple battery icon. It is a simple hack but still, can have an impact on your daily life.

What do you think? Have you turned off your battery percentage?

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