Let’s do it – let’s create a podcast.

A few days ago I met my friend Julian again. We talked about several topics related to work, hobbies and other news since our last “dine & talk” session. But the main topic of the meeting was the one, we already discussed in the past: podcasts and blogs. We asked ourselves again: “What if we start recording and publishing a podcast?”

What could we talk about?

Let’s assume we would start producing a podcast. What if we buy a microphone today? What if we just start to record our conversations? What would our podcast be about? Let’s brainstorm and think about it more deeply.

Topic Opportunity #1: Gadgets

Both Julian and I love Gadgets. We share Kickstarter projects and product hunts we believe are interesting for the other one. Sharing experiences we gained with new gadgets is also something we like to exchange. One of us bought the Apple Watch — let’s talk about it. One of us bought a drone — let’s share the pros and cons of it. What if a specific gadget would have this feature — would you buy it? This could be a topic we could talk about in our podcast.

Topic Opportunity #2: Online Advertising & SEO

Julian is Senior Account Manager and SEO expert and I am a former Online Advertising Manager – and now Growth Hacker. You see where this is going? We both love online marketing, digital and social media. New conversion optimization techniques? New SEO strategies or tools to improve your ranking? No problem, we got you covered. We are not the experts in this area, but I think we are confident enough to publish a podcast about it.

Topic Opportunity #3: Monthly Web-News Recap

A more ambitious project would be a monthly web-news recap. Not only would we have to record it every 3,5 weeks but also we would need to trigger the entire advertising machinery each time (eg. newsletter, twitter, …). Could be overwhelming in the beginning, but sure beneficial after a few episodes.

Topic Opportunity #4: Expert interviews

Would you be interested in listening to a CEO of a Vorarlberger — or Rheintal — company when he or she is talking about the future of Online Advertising in their respective market. Or not just CEOs, but also Marketing experts, tech geeks, serial entrepreneurs and freelancer? You would be able to submit questions we would then ask them in an informal interview session. Maybe we go on a hike whilst talking about different topics or maybe we just chat in a traditional cafe. Julian and I said it must be something with a traditional touch.

Topic Opportunity #5: Open talk

Or maybe we are just crazy enough to start producing GoPro videos and funny compilations of everything we do. Have you ever wondered how it a bubble wrap sumo fight looks like? Or would we be able to walk down the stairs or climb up a wall when viewing ourselves in the 3rd Person view (inspired by this guy here). I am not the perfect mechanic but it could be fun to start building gadgets and test it. One of my favorite DYIs projects, I would really like to try, is this one here: the Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror. Maybe we start with this one Julian? What do you think?


There are many topics we could record and share with the world to consume. Maybe it is just about starting now and not the effort to build an audience, the perfect content file we have to craft in many sessions. Maybe a simple audio- or video we record with our iPhones is the start of our podcast career. What do you think? Should we give it a try?

We would love to get some feedback from you guys. Follow me on twitter and tell me what you think and if you started or thought about creating a podcast too already.

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I am a Software Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹. I write about JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS and NodeJS. 📧 Weekly NL Series: https://newsletter.natterstefan.me

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