A few days ago I stumbled upon an article called “5 Ways To Transform Your Life In Less Than One Year”. Bullet point number five says “(…) No matter who you are, you have something remarkable to say. There is someone out there who will resonate with your worldview and experiences. Even if no one reads your blog, the process of writing your ideas and experiences will transform you.”

I thought about it and think its true. So this is why I thought let’s do it and start blogging. Currently, my own website is under construction, that is why this first blog was published here on medium.com. I have to admit that it is in this stage since almost 2–3 years. My bachelor thesis distracted me, my job and some other projects. But that is just an excuse I guess. But anyway, at least I started — that’s what counts (right?).

So what topics will I write about? Good question I think. There are so many things I could start with: Growth Hacking (my new job title by the way), online marketing, AdWords, analytics, SEO and many more. Stuff related to these topics are things I could write about. But let’s start small. The first post should all about myself. Just a short introduction who’s writing here. So — I would say let’s answer the question: “Who is Stefan?”.

Who am I? I am a 25-year old “Dornbirner” (my hometown is called “Dornbirn”) from Austria. I’ve studied “Management & Economics” at the University of #Innsbruck (Austria). I lived together with one of my closest friends, called Christopher. We had a small flat right next to the “Goldenes Dachl”, a landmark of Innsbruck. During the years 2010–2013 we went to the university, parties, restaurants, gym and other places together. I have to say that he is the main reason I started to train consequently for the first time of my life. He also taught me a lot about how to relax, keep calm and enjoy life. This is why I am so grateful that I had the chance to share educational and inspiring years with him. These three years were some of the best of my life so far. I miss the time with you bro! Wish you the best in “Innsbrooklyn”. In July 2013, I graduated together with very smart people (including Jonathan W., Damian K., Laurent M. , Lukas M. and many others) and went back to Dornbirn to live with my girlfriend Nina.

After working for my dad a few month I signed a contract to work for an agency in Dornbirn: MASSIVE ART. “Online Marketing Manager and Web Analyst” was my job title. “Let’s do it” I said, with the thought in my head that I could learn a lot from the people working there (from my employer Bernd H. for instance). Martin B., who I used to work with during my civilian service, was one of the employees too. Meeting him again was really a coincidence. 2012 I was an intern already at MASSIVE ART I have to add at this point. After a few weeks of getting to know AdWords and Google Analytics in more detail again, I grew and became a valuable part of the company (based on their feedback) in the next 1,5 years. Kathrin S. taught me how to prepare online marketing plans, Julian T. showed me some cool SEO-Stuff, Kate H. and Bettina K. made me laugh all day. Stephanie P. motivated me to start writing blogs (thanks again) and guys like Alexander S., Dominik M., Phuc L., Thomas D., Cornelius H., Rainer S., Angelina K., Yvonne W. and others (sorry for not mentioning all 40 employees) made each day unique. Everybody in the office loves working there and the projects are fascinating and diverse. Great people, great projects, great job. Thank you!

Looking back I can say they taught me a lot about marketing, analytics, project management and how to be successful each day. Had a great time there and I’ve met interesting people.

One day I met Michael Breidenbrücker (former founder of last.fm). He was part of a project the agency was also working for. I was assigned to participate too. His methodology to keep the project growing fascinated me. It was different, compared to my day-to-day job. After a few months working with him, some other personal stuff, pacing back and forth continuously, thinking a lot and some beer I joined his company: Alpine Startups (now called Speed Start Studio). This was three or four months ago.

Again I have to say: I learned a lot. Have you ever heard of our so called “product-market-fit matrix”? Or some other growth hacking stuff? No? Me too. But now that I’ve worked with him and other smart people I really love this things. There are so many things ahead. Diverse and promising projects, smart people I will meet and so many things I have to learn (again). I really love working there.

And now, “blogging” is one of the things I want to improve and learn more about. So, after introducing myself, I will finish this post and think about the next topic I could write about. My personal goal is to publish at least one time per week. And please do not judge my grammar at this point, as I currently have no proofreader. Maybe there is somebody on fiverr I could hire, but I digress.

Thank you for reading one of my first blog posts (after publishing a lot of news blogs at MASSIVE ART, unfortunately they are in german). I appreciate any type of feedback and hope you follow me on other social media platforms.

See you soon,


Twitter: http://twitter.com/natterstefan
Picture Credits: https://pixabay.com/de/home-office-arbeitsplatz-b%C3%BCro-336377/

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I am a Software Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹. I write about JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS and NodeJS. 📧 Weekly NL Series: https://newsletter.natterstefan.me

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