“Let’s start blogging” — 366 days later.

One year ago I published my first post with the promising title: “Let’s start blogging.” Now, 366 days later, it is time to consider the results of my medium blog and think about the future.

Let’s be honest, I am angry with me. Although it is fun to jot down topics I could blog about, I barely take the time to finish my thoughts in written form. Until, I have 5+ drafts on medium.com and some other ideas in Evernote gathering dust instead of living online. One of my problems is, that I do not know what I want to blog about, even though I want to blog. The experiences with the apps and tools I test each week may be entertaining, also the insights I stumbled upon during my workweek, but I am not sure if I should extend the number of testers and reviewers, which are already on the internet.

That is why I wanted to be different. I wanted to share deeper personal experiences with the readers. For example, I am living a data-driven life or better stated I track many activities of my life to improve productivity and other aspects of it. Why I stick to iOS smartphones but still live in the Google universe and why I ask myself if I would have been a passionate developer. But all these headlines are just ideas in my head — some drafts in my pocket. Nothing I am able to share right now. Not yet. But that’s too bad. Because maybe that is the authentic content you would read instead of yet-another-reviewers-opinion. Would you?

Besides blogging, I always wondered if I should start over and record another podcast. Almost 10 years ago some friends and I hosted an online radio in our school, called “Style Radio”. Maybe some of them are reading this right now and remember it. We created a small website and a weekly schedule with different hosts. I remember one night when I was out when some guys talked with me because they were able to recognise my voice from the radio. Back then, that was a lot of fun.

This thought was maybe the initial trigger when Julian and I started thinking about recording episodes for a podcast a few months ago. Meanwhile, we actually did some and are now on iTunes (or Overcast) with our podcast “Digital Daheim”. I can tell you that is fun. Because it is plain and simple. We are sitting together in a bar, talking with each other about a specific topic and record everything we say. Voilá! Perhaps I should stick to the podcast instead of blogging. Maybe that would minimise the time to market of my posts. Although we also need a few weeks to distribute a new episode. Or is a “vlog” the answer to my time constraint issue? Probably not, because it is more time-consuming compared to blogging. The interesting part is, though, that it would be a new medium I have not so many experiences with so far. I did some periscope live streams but that is all.

So instead of just talking about “if”s and “could-be”s I need to have a plan for the next year. What is my ultimate goal I want to achieve with this blog on Medium? What are the measurable outcomes I can review and adjust accordingly?

Goal #1 — Publish more content
The goal for the next twelve months is to publish at least one article per month about something of my life, work or news I stumbled upon on the internet.

Goal #2 — Increase my Followers
Currently, I have about 120+ followers on Medium. In one year I want to have at least 400+. Which means I need to grow by at least 23,33 new followers per month (without considering the churn rate in the meantime).

We will see if I achieved this two goals next year. Stay tuned and — hopefully — expect more content from me in the future.

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I am a Software Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹. I write about JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS and NodeJS. 📧 Weekly NL Series: https://newsletter.natterstefan.me

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