I recently read an article about M.G. Siegler’s iPhone home screen and thought I could share mine too. A few months ago I stumbled upon the app #Homescreen, which enables you to share your home screen including links to the Apps in the store. You should definitely check it out and see what other users have on their screens. But first let me present you mine.

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Details: homescreen.is/natterstefan

This is my home screen with the, I think at least, most used apps on my iPhone. Let’s take a look at each row.

Row 1 — Camera+, Photos, Week Cal and Google Maps
I try to use Camera+, as it has a simple user interface focused on taking excellent pictures, whenever I want to take one. But I have to admit that I use the iOS camera more often. Why? Because it is almost just a swipe away. Week Cal is my number one calendar app for about one or two years. I tried others, like Sunrise and even Google’s Calendar, but I always came back to this one.

Row 2 — Facebook, Pocket, Chrome and Gmail

Pocket, oh Pocket… currently, I have over 200+ read it later items in my list. That’s a lot, ha? The app is handy, but you have to consequently read what you saved for later. Or you will end up messing around like I do.

I know that maybe one day Inbox could replace Gmail (will it?) but I prefer the classic Gmail app more than the new one. I cannot tell you why because Inbox is smart, but I do.

Row 3 — Feedly, Evernote, WhatsApp and Spotify

Feedly is basically the first app I open in the morning every day. I just screen certain blogs (including Caschys Blog for instance) and read the others later in the evening or during the day. You can follow me on Feedly and see what I read if you want to. Evernote is my favorite note taking and reference filing system (GTD) (besides Google Drive). So it is obvious that both of them are on my home screen too. And clearly I love listening to music, so Spotify has to be there too. Honestly, I have not tried Apple Music yet.

Row 4— Messenger, Telegram, Tweetbot and Launch

Many of my friends use WhatsApp most of the time but some use Messenger or Telegram instead. I highly recommend Telegram because it helps you to protect your privacy. But watch out, it is not as safe as some may have thought, including me. Edward Snowden just recently shared his doubts on twitter. Apropos Twitter, Tweetbot replaced Twitter on my home screen a few weeks ago. It is handy, but I miss the “Impression” stats. Maybe they can add it in the future too. Launch Center Pro helps me not to forget to open certain apps, either at a specific time of the day or at a specific location. So for example when I go to the gym, I want to to use Fitness Point Pro and when I am in front of our office I want to check-in via Swarm. I would probably forget it one day or other if Launch Center Pro would not tell me.

Row 5 — Medium, Google, Drive and Calm

I blog on Medium, store files on Google Drive and admire Google Now because of its notification services. Last summer Julian told me he found a great app to calm down and meditate called: Calm. Once a week I try to use the app to release anxiety, boost up confidence or just to relax a little.

Row 6 — Toggl Timer, Swarm, SmartUp and Settings

Last year I wanted to find a time tracking tool, to track the time I invest into each project I am part of. After stumbling upon Harvest and others, I found Toggl. Just a few days, after setting up an account, projects, and clients I started to love it already. It is easy to use and comes with many integrations (eg. Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Gmail …). Swarm is my check-in tool for places and SmartUp my Startups insights (aka mentoring and business simulation) app. I recently reinstalled it and now I am playing with it again.

Row 7 — Phone, Messages, OmniFocus, Slack

There is nothing more to say about these four apps, except probably OmniFocus. A year ago I (tried to) organized my tasks, projects and follow-ups with tools like Any.do, Wunderlist and — believe it or not — the native iOS and Mac Reminder app. I failed, most of the time, when I tried to keep track of all the tasks I had on my lists. Approximately one year ago I finally found a solution, or so to say Michael presented me one: Getting Things Done. After reading the book I gave up my old system and started to work with OmniFocus, Evernote and Google Drive solely. Maybe I write an article about my time and task management philosophy one day.

You have now seen my home screen. Now I want to ask you: How does your home screen look like? How many of my apps do you have on yours too? Share your home screen in the comments below or tell me more about it on twitter if you want. I would love to see what yours look like.

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I am a Software Engineer from Austria 🇦🇹. I write about JavaScript, TypeScript, ReactJS and NodeJS. 📧 Weekly NL Series: https://newsletter.natterstefan.me

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