[Resolved] How to fix Omnifocus not syncing on iOS or macOS quickly.

Omnifocus is THE personal task manager from my point of view. It’s developed by the Omni Group for macOS, iOS and also offers web access. It comes with many handy features and uses concepts and techniques described in David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”.

Besides being an awesome tool for managing tasks and projects, there’s one problematic topic: syncing across devices.

From time too time tasks are not properly synced between devices in time. For instance, when you check off a task on your iPhone you’ll still get a notification on your macOS — sometimes even hours — later and vice versa. It happened to me a lot in the past. This can be frustrating…

When I tweeted about it just recently, Eric Bowers told me there’s a solutionposted in April 2014 by Omni CEO Ken Case! I couldn’t believe it until I tried it. And here it is and it is super simple!

Fix Omnifocus Sync Settings

The URLs listed below can be pasted into both Safari on iOS and macOS. They will open OmniFocus (must be installed) and change its default sync settings.

Change maximum sync time

The first URL will change the maximum sync time from the default value of one hour (3600) to ten minutes (600 seconds). The second link will reset it again.


Change maximum time between syncs in the background

OmniFocus will be told to sync within 15 seconds of an edit, rather than one minute (default). Again, the second one will reset it.


You can change the setting's value (eg. 600) to any number of seconds.

Like Eric Bowers, I changed the sync settings on each device. In other words, I opened the links above on each device with Safari. This will hopefully solve the issue once and for all. ⏳

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