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“Do not quit, the beginning is always the hardest.”, is what I thought last year when my alarm rudely threw me out of my bed at 5.15 am. I used to go to the gym every second day of the week at 6 until 7.30 am. It was not easy, but after a few weeks I saw the first results and got positive feedback from my friends. This motivated me and had provided reasons to stand up each morning. Additionally I felt healthy and energized after each workout. But why do I tell you this? From my point of view this blogging thing may be the same. It will be exhausting at the beginning, I will not see many results after the first few “workouts”, but maybe one day I see the amount of readers increasing and also more followers on twitter. So let’s keep writing is what I thought.

Today I do not have time to write as many as last time. But there are some things I want to share with you today tough.

Smarter in 7 Minutes: Ultimate Business Wisdom from 3 Decades of Bestselling Books

I liked reading this article and maybe you do too. One point the author mentions is the GTD principle from David Allen. If you do not know what “Getting things done” is all about you should read the article above and buy the book. I did not know what it is too, until Michael and Nico told me. Thanks guys by the way.

Facebook is testing 10-second-video-ads

I just briefly read the article of Business Insider about the new bidding option. Summing it up it’s about “(…) Marketers can now elect to only pay for their video ad if it plays for at least 10 seconds (…)”. That is interesting and another competitive offering compared to Google’s YouTube Ads.

Ping! Mich! An! Die schlimmsten Buzzwords aus dem Büro (German)

Even though this article is in German, I think you know what it is about in a minute. Everybody knows buzzwords, right? This article is all about buzzwords in the office. Starting from “is it scalable?”, “ping me, if you need something”, “let’s do bootstrapping first” or “okay, and what are our learnings?”. What else do you hear too often in the office? Share it with me or with the guys from t3n. is for coding

Live Coding? Have you ever thought about that? Me neither, but as Techcrunch recently wrote over 40.000 people already signed up (since the beta launch in February). Co-Founder Green said: “Live education is the key to the future. (…) Verticals like design could be very interesting to engage with this model.” And to be honest, I think he is right! Smart idea.

This is it for today. Just four simple things I want to share with you. Now, would you please excuse me. I have to watch some guys coding. See you.

PS: As I currently have installed over 200+ apps on my iPhone, I may also start a review part to share my experiences. Let me think about it.

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